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GIVEAWAY (LA) pre-ArthurFest party with T-Model Ford and The Red Onions

Saturday, September 3; 7 PM; 18+
An early evening with T-Model Ford and The Red Onions @ Echo (1822 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, 90026)

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“Rhythmically joined at the hip with drummer Spam, he plays the north Mississippi hill country hypnotic boogie-groove like nobody else on earth. His music is not a complaint of self-pity, but a celebration of life. He moves you to rejoice with him, not sympathize with some pitiful condition of lost love or injustice.

Not a relic of the past or a remnant of vanishing culture, T-Model Ford and Spam are in the moment like few other blues artists. Out on the edge of the cliff where most fall to the rocks below, T-Model Ford takes off and flies - the existential hero.”

Listen to T-Model Ford.

Trivia Question: At what age did T-Model Ford start playing guitar? The first 3 people with the correct (or closest) answers will win a pair of tickets to the show. Email your answer with your first and last name to Enter “T-Model Ford Giveaway” in the subject line. Deadline to enter is by noon on September 2nd.

The Red Onions are an outrageously exciting four-piece outta Gardena working a serious Stooges/Black Flag/Stones/Hives hybrid. They're solid players who've written a set of short sharp songs that bounce, simmer n' jab, but what puts them over is their charismatic-obnoxious-unpredictable sparkplug singer. Paul knows his Jagger/Iggy/Keith Morris moves: On the night I lucked into seeing these guys, he was out dancing in the audience, throwing the drums around and asking the bassist if he felt alright ("No"); he ended the show on the floor, saying something like "I don't wanna work all day! I just wanna...hit the drum! Well alllllright!
Listen to The Red Onions on MySpace.
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